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Below are some common questions we get asked. If you have another question which isn't answered here, then please contact us and we will answer any concerns you may have, no matter how big or small.

1 Q. How soon can I get the Loan?
A. We pride ourselves as being the loan company that can provide a cash loan within 1 day of your application being approved.

2 Q. How do I apply?
A. Click here to Apply Online receive a 'call back' from one of our underwriters at the specified time.

3 Q. Is the loan really paid out "same day"?
A. Yes.

4 Q. Is there any insurance product sold with your loans?
A. No. Mobile Money Loans Ireland are believers in keeping our agreements completely transparent (easy to understand). Insurance products have a place in our industry but are all to often over sold. If insurance was required then we would recommend using a specialist insurance company, who can provide your loan insurance needs at a competitive cost.

5 Q. Will you contact my employer?
A. Not usually and not without checking with you first.

6 Q. Can I get a loan if I have bad credit history?
A. Yes. We lend on the strength of your car value and your ability to repay. Each application is treated on its own merits.

7 Q. Is my application confidential?
A. Yes.

8 Q. How old does my car need to be?
A. Usually less than 8 years old. We lend against older cars as well as motorcycles, touring vans, light commercial vehicles as well as almost anything else that we can put a value on.

9 Q. Are you regulated?
A. Yes. We have a consumer credit licence, which allows us to act as a lender and we abide by all other laws regulating consumer credit.

10 Q. How do I make repayments?
A. We can accept most forms of payments apart from credit cards. These include cash into our branches or any Bank, postal orders or bankers draft. We also use standing orders or direct debit where required.

11 Q. What are the early settlement penalties?
A. There are absolutely no penalties for settling accounts early. We positively encourage this.

12 Q. What happens if I can't pay?
A. We work very closely with any client who is making an effort to repay their debts, however if there is no willingness or absolutely no intention of repayment then your car will be sold by us to recover the amount owed.

13 Q. I am self-employed; can I still get a loan from Mobile Money Loans Ireland?
A. Yes. Around half of Mobile Money Loans Ireland customers are self-employed.

14 Q Can I extend the loan?
A. If you need to extend your Mobile Money Loan simply ask for an extension. If your extension is accepted, all you need to do is pay the interest accrued to date. Then you continue borrowing as normal for a further 6 months on exactly the same fixed rate with no penalty or extension charge.

15 Q What if i Can't repay the loan?
A. If for any reason you can't pay-off your car loan and you do not want to extend the loan further, then don't worry there is no penalty fee.
Mobile Money Loans Ireland will look to sell the Car and settle the loan on your behalf. We always endeavour to achieve the best possible price for your car at auction and if we receive more money than the outstanding debt, we will return the surplus to you directly.

Q. How much will a Mobile Money Loans Ireland cost?
A. Our interest rate is 157.3% APR Typical variable this means that two out of three clients pay this rate or lower!

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